Best Time to Trim Trees: Scheduling Guide

Trimming your trees keeps them healthy and allows them to thrive in the upcoming months. However, figuring out the best time to trim trees isn’t always easy.

Knowing when to trim trees can make all the difference to the tree’s health. Trimming trees or shrubs too early can hinder growth, prevent flowers from blooming, and even damage the tree. Luckily, the Cooper City tree trimming experts at Go Pro Professional Property Care are here to help.

Continue reading to learn the best time to trim trees and how it benefits your tree’s health.

When Is the Best Time to Trees?

Most homeowners incorrectly believe fall is the best time to trim trees. Fall is actually the worst time of year to trim trees since they need to conserve nutrients to prepare for the winter season.

Most trees become dormant during the winter and need as many nutrients as possible to stay healthy throughout the season. Trimming or pruning in the fall often weakens the trees, making it harder for them to survive through the winter. Trees need as many healthy branches as possible to absorb nutrients and store them until spring.

Believe it or not, late winter is the best time to prune or trim trees. At that point, your trees have survived the harshest part of the season and have plenty of nutrients to tide them over until early spring. It also makes it easier to see and navigate through the branches since they don’t have any leaves.


Although winter is the ideal time to trim and prune most trees, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule. Homeowners need to wait until the spring or summer to cut certain flowering trees. Below are some trees that require trimming during the spring or summer.

  •  Magnolias
  • Crabapples
  • Redbuds

Cutting these trees too early can damage their buds, severely reducing the number of blooming flowers later on. It’s best to wait until the flowers bloom before trimming.

The best time to cut budding trees depends on your geographic location. If you live in a place with plenty of water and sunlight, like Florida, your trees’ flowers will probably bloom during the spring instead of early summer. The blooming process is the most important factor in when to trim budding trees, not the calendar.

Tips for Trimming Trees

If you decide to trim your trees yourself, remove dead branches before moving to healthy limbs. Dead branches can spread diseases and increase decay in even the healthiest trees. It’s vital to cut all the dead branches if you want your trees to thrive.

Topping (the process of cutting a tree’s top branches) often requires arborists to climb to great heights to remove unhealthy branches. It’s best to leave topping to a professional to reduce the risk of tree damage and injury.

If you decide to top a tree yourself, always safety precautions. Using safety harnesses and wearing the correct equipment can drastically reduce the chances of an accident, keeping you and the tree safe.

High-Quality Tree Trimming Services in Cooper City, FL

If you’re a Cooper City resident looking for an experienced arborist, contact Go Pro Professional Property Care. The Go Pro team can handle all your tree trimming, pruning, and topping needs at a price that fits your budget. They’ve helped countless Cooper City residents manage their trees, and they can do the same for you.

To learn more about tree trimming and pruning, or if you have more questions about the best time to trim trees, contact Go Pro Professional Property Care at (954) 680-7739 today. 

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